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Taji Vol34: Our Men

Taji Mag Vol 34 Our Men

Release Mar 7 2023 | Vol34 of Taji is packed full of Black Beauty & Culture fulfilling its theme of Our Men! Each volume is a tabletop collector’s item and Vol34 is no different! This volume’s cover features the #SlayBells of @charleslbrembry_iii by @jc_photography1914. Gracing the pages are the Editor’s Pick, #BlackLoveConvo: “Director Elegance Bratton On How The Inspection Explores Male Trauma” by Dapper Dr. Feel; our Community Spotlight, Felipe Patterson aka Dapper Dr. Feel; our highlighted Hair Feature; “Solo Travel: Our Connections Through Travel” by dCarrie; “Break It Down or Build It Up?” by Jashua Sa’Ra; “The Best Care is Communal Care” by Janelle Naomi; Our Vol 34 contributed photo story, “Our Men;” Joshua Leonard’s Team Supreme spotlights Disabilities, Neurodiversity, and Representation; Fitness Highlight, Jamal Hill, Award-Winning Paralympian & Educator, Wants to Teach 1M People to Swim; Vegan Fun with Earth’s Pot’s After Dark Mushroom Herb Burger; “Travis Bivans of LJE Model Agency, the Melanin Project, and Asé Visions Fashion Week;” “Grae Wellness is the Preventative Health Facility that Get’s It!”; Featured Art Piece by Craig C The Artist; Comic Book Appreciation with TEMPLE High i02 by Tyrone Jackson; “The Grey Area;” Black Business Highlights; and more!!

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Taji Mag Vol 34 Our Men

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Taji Mag is the epitome of ‘Cultural Drip’ – elevating Black brands, narratives, and imagery to new levels of Black Excellence. We embody the traditional and modern royalty of OUR people via our quarterly digital and print publication and live events.

Taji Mag

Taji Mag is the physical embodiment of the positive Black experience. Our brand embodies the traditional and modern royalty of Pan-African people via our quarterly print and digital publication and live events. While reclaiming OUR narratives and imagery, Taji offers our readers quality advice to assist them economically, healthy options to maintain a happy lifestyle, think pieces to test the societal norms that are not meant for us, #BlackLoveConvo to increase the self and communal love in all aspects, and beauty and fashion inspiration to sustain the legacy of our Black artistry.

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