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624713ART is Producing Beautiful Artwork for Everyone

624713ART624713ART is a collective that consists of two intellectual thinkers who sometimes collaborate with friends, family, and collectors with the intention of producing a multitude of beautiful artwork for everyone and anyone to own. They are based in Brooklyn, where it all started, with a group of about six artists who all continue to make art under their respective company names. Husband and wife duo, Carlesto & Jenevieve, met 19 years ago via skateboarding. They both like to shoot photography, skateboard, sightsee and live in love and peace. Jenevieve studied at Cooper Union and Carlesto studied at F.I.T. Their work is a mix between our original photography, decoupage and collage, skateboarding and life. Their website encompasses their accomplishments and ideas that they have brought to life with positive thought and hard work. To fill your place and your heart with their art, contact 624713ART here!

624713ART  624713ART