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Sistahood by Evelyn D. Hall



Different sizes, shapes and colors,

Yet we have some of the same problems:

Male problems, children problems, family problems,

Mental and physical problems.

You name them, we women have them.

We comfort one another, we share with each other,

and we get on each others nerves.

Sistahs helping sistahs, is there anyone like us?

You give me your shoulder to cry on,

I give you my helping hands.

You give me a listening ear,

I give you my advice and strength.

You give me me your friendship,

I give you my support and unconditional love.


By Evelyn D. Hall


Image: © NayMarie Photography | Black Beauty: Isha Rae | Makeup: Daphney Guillaume |

Lauren Lola Jones

Lauren 'Lola' Jones is a Creative and Connector from Brooklyn, NY. As a Writer, she uses her curious nature and myriad of interests to explore the world and share her findings with others. Currently traveling, curiosity and exploration are major components of her creative process. With a focus on Culture and Beauty throughout the Diaspora, she aims to help illuminate the many modes of Blackness, especially those of Femininity.

25 thoughts on “Sistahood by Evelyn D. Hall

  • We don’t often see women of color honoring one another with such candor and it’s a pleasure to see. This poem will hold a special place in my heart.

  • Great poem! Evelyn is an inspiring and down-to-earth writer… Love her work! Check out the other poems and her books:)

  • Such a real and positive reflection…

  • Dale (Skip)

    I really liked the poem, not to long but to the point, very good work family member.

  • Precious

    It’s a beautiful thing to see Sisterly Love described in such a manner. We often times don’t express those feelings. Yet there is more power in standing shoulder to shoulder than there is in competing with one another. Let these words be our anthem.

  • Evelyn, I love it!!! You go Girl!

  • Ms. Hall,

    Thank you kindly for sharing your love for us–all of us. We truly need one another in more ways than we can imagine. I have started with young girls in our Beautiful Young Lady (BYL) Mentoring Club. So many of our adolescent girls, 12-19 years old, do not know who they are, where they are going, or how to get there. We have to join our hands and hearts together for them so that we may share our wisdom, strength, and courage. I so hate what happened to our little sister in South Carolina. We can’t continue to let this happen to our baby girls. We have to be there for them to teach and show them a better way to survive. You’ve already shown via your words that you want to be there for all of us.

    Thanks, Evelyn, for the love that you share in your poetry. Visit my website if you would like to know more about BYL.

  • Axel Imminger

    Wonderful writing and manifestation of her heart into ours. Eve you tell us our wishes and longings in just few words.
    The gift to give and listen to others so important , even to receive it.
    When we not listen to each other,not see each other, not feel each other, we cant help not even us self as no one understand every one.
    Do not matter were we are, were we come from witch nation or color we are,who we are.
    Important to see, listen,think, proof and give some hand to the world.
    never forget were you are , were you come from and who you are self.
    We all part of this world, you Evelyn are part of the the world our Lord have given the gift to tell us all what is important to live in there in your wonderful writing.

    Thanks a lot

    I am a stranger, i foreigner, but also part of this world

  • Shamar

    Beautiful!!! Our women being encouraged, empowered and supported has always been our backbone.

  • Powerful words Evelyn, full of compassion and support, very well done!

  • Diane Pretorius

    Oh my what a thought….if we all no matter colour or race, background or education would just be in the now, just love like this….how encouraging your words are.

  • Simple but so true words!

  • Love your poems and your writing is amazing. Understandable and into the point. It’s a pleasure to read your work. Congrats from your Greek friend.

  • Evelyn D. Hall

    Thanks 2 all who read & left comments.
    I’m waiting on a publisher to decide if they
    are going to publish some of my books:-)

  • Claver

    J’adore lire tes poèmes Evelyn 😉 ils sont très bien écrits et très beaux.
    I love to read your poems Evelyn 😉 they are very well written and very beautiful.

  • Jim Mossop

    I really like your poems. You are a talented writer. And I feel blessed that you shared them with me. Thank you. I’m glad we met playing our game.

  • Beautifully written. Words that can apply to everyone. Words that we should all follow and live by!

  • Great poem Eve. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  • You is so amazing I love your poems❤️❤️

  • David Arnold

    Simplicity and elegance, delivering an uplifting message… Thank you for a wonderful poem….

  • Evert

    Realy Nice. It touch me. Go on without this.

    • Evert

      I mean go on with it.


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