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Taji Digital & Print Subscriptions

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Ready to receive Taji Mag, often referred to as Black Excellence by our readers, straight to your inbox or mailbox? Great! Here’s how our subscriptions work alongside some FAQ answered.

  • Taji is both a digital and limited print publication that releases Quarterly on March 7th, June 7th, September 7th, and December 7th.
  • Digital Subscriptions are $5 Quarterly or $18 Annually and come with Perks*.
  • Print Subscriptions are $30 Quarterly (includes shipping); new print subscriptions are available at all times but will be billed on the 15th of February, May, August, and November after the initial purchase.
  • How to purchase: Simply select your subscription options, Add to Cart, View Cart, and Checkout.
  • Subscriptions start with the currently released volume. To begin your subscription with a future volume, please wait until the month before that volume is released to purchase your subscription.
  • Gift Options: To purchase digital subscriptions as a gift, add the recipient’s email address to the “Order Notes” section when checking out. To gift print subscriptions, simply put the recipient’s mailing address in the shipping address section and their email address in the “Order Notes” section when checking out.
  • Digital Subscription Perks*: Digital Mags include 1) The Affiliates Club – discounts from a variety of amazing Black-owned brands 2) Phone Wallpaper exclusives of the Cover Art 3) Videos clickable from the digital mag

Taji Mag is the epitome of ‘Cultural Drip’ – elevating Black brands, narratives, and imagery to new levels of Black Excellence. We embody the traditional and modern royalty of our people via our quarterly digital and print publication, Adornments, and virtual and live events. While amplifying OUR narratives and imagery, Taji offers our readers quality advice to assist them economically, healthy plant-based recipes and fitness inspiration to maintain a happy lifestyle, think pieces to test the societal norms that are not meant for us, #BlackLoveConvo to increase the self and communal love in all aspects, and beauty and fashion inspiration to sustain the legacy of our Black artistry. $5 Digital | $20 Print+shipping. Shipping & Tax are included in the listed price.

Taji features trailblazers, Black-owned businesses, and creatives in all genres. The Taji team headlines those making a difference in the community. We offer Black-owned products to replace popularly used alternatives. We are inspired by our readers and our community! Join us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and our Taji Royals Facebook Page!

Subscriptions are non-refundable.

9 reviews for Taji Digital & Print Subscriptions

  1. Will Focus

    Let me be the first to say, Taji is the ONLY Black Owned publication that without any doubt showcases Melanated people is a POSITIVE ONLY light and I’m proud to be subscribed, support, a part of the Taji family. It is a beautifully executed work of art.

    • Taji Mag (verified owner)

      Many thanks, Will!

  2. Fred Jenkins

    I love this magazine!!!

    • Taji Mag (verified owner)

      Thank you, Fred!

  3. Shauntrice Martin

    Taji Magazine is the ONLY magazine subscription I pay for. Over the years, they have consistently delivered high quality visuals and content. I am a proud subscriber and I look forward to the next issue.

    • Taji Mag (verified owner)

      Thanks so much, Shauntrice!

  4. Lyle Omolayo

    Innovative. Cutting edge. Futuristic. Pure black excellence and done with elegance. Salute from Negros Americanos!

    • Taji Mag (verified owner)

      Thank you, Lyle!

  5. Erika Parker-Smith

    The artistry and imagery are amazing! Black excellence on display! You can’t outdo Black People.

    • Taji Mag (verified owner)

      Thanks so much, Erika!

  6. Va’Na

    I’ve been a subscriber of TajiMag since Vol. 1. It’s been interesting watching it’s growth. This magazine showcases the works and businesses of melanted people around the country and how amazing we are. I’m always looking forward to the next issue! Subscribe! You’ll be happy you did!

    • Taji Mag (verified owner)

      Many thanks, Va’Na!

  7. Janelle Naomi

    I am honored to have access to such a visually stunning magazine that showcases Melanated People in such a positive and beauty-full light. In addition to the visual appeal, the articles are full of information that is relevant and thought-provoking. It is inspiring to see the power that imagery can hold over us as we are inundated with such negative imagery around us of negative perspectives of Melanated People. I celebrate the work of Taji Magazine and all that it is doing to create positive space for us to share and partake in one another’s creative energy from modeling to art, recipes to work out routines, and articles about the victories and challenges that we face in our community. Much love Taji team!

    • Taji Mag (verified owner)

      Thank you, Janelle!

  8. Lanier Lewis

    Thoroughly excited with anticipation of each release of Taji. The cover alone is worth the subscription!

    • Taji Mag (verified owner)

      Thank you, Lanier!

  9. Nantale Muwonge

    I really love this magazine. It speaks to my soul and makes me feel as if the parts of me that society tried to suppress are expanding.
    Visually it’s stunning, the stories have substance, I get to discover new Black creators and business owners. And the fact each issue is a collectors item means I get to participate in history in the making.
    I just love everything about this.

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