Taji Mag Black Business Holiday Guide Listing



Every gift-giving season, Taji Mag compiles a list of Black-Owned Businesses in our “Taji Mag Black Business Holiday Guide” to purchase gifts from! From Black Art, Beauty Necessities, Books, Apparel, and more, these quality brands are who you should be spending with first! To view the Taji Mag Black Business Highlights Holiday Edition 2018 Booklet online, or to download the PDF to your device, click here!

List your brand today! The 2020 list will be updated daily starting November 15th until Jan 7, 2021, as well as posted on our IG that has almost 60k followers! You can secure your listing at www.TajiMag.com/holiday-guide. Include a 75 character description of your business, a weblink, and Instagram handle (we use it for a photo of your product/service) in the notes when checking out.


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