Taji Mag Black Business Grant



In an on-going effort to boost amazing Black-Owned Businesses, Taji Mag hosts its Taji Mag Black Business Grant. It is a community-sourced grant that awards $250 in Cash + $250 For Branding Services + $250 of Advertising to a Black Business applicant. Apply below by the Deadline date of July 21, 2018!

Branding Services By TheOneWillFocus
Advertising With Taji Mag

The main source of funding for the grant is pooled from the application fee which is only $10. The community is welcomed and encouraged to also contribute to aid in increasing the amount of the grant, email [email protected] to inquire how.

How to Apply for the Black Business Grant

1. Simply fill out the form below
2. Submit payment by clicking the Add to Cart button and check-out

*The minimum grant is $250. If we receive an abundance of applicants and/or donations we will increase the grant amount accordingly and potentially add Second and Third place winnings.
**All applications must accompany a payment. There aren’t any refunds. Deadline for applications and payments is July 21, 2018. Winners will be chosen on July 27th, 2018.
*Important* Funds will only be granted to confirmed Black-Owned Businesses. If a non-Black-owned business applies, they will not be considered for the grant and will NOT be refunded.


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