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Lupin Part 3: A Successful Return of the Heist Genius

Omar Sy as Assane Diop

Where to Watch: Netflix

Release Date: Oct.5th

Season: 3

Rated: TV-MA

Episodes: 7

Starring: Omar Sy

Synopsis: Currently in seclusion, Assane finds himself compelled to adapt to a life far removed from his beloved wife and son. Witnessing the hardship they endure due to his actions becomes unbearable, prompting Assane to make a daring proposition upon his return to Paris: the notion of leaving France behind to embark on a fresh start elsewhere. Yet, the shadows of his past are never truly distant, and an unforeseen reappearance is poised to shatter his carefully laid plans.

In its highly anticipated third season, Netflix’s Lupin once again proves why it has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. This French heist thriller (created by George Kay and inspired by the iconic gentleman thief, Arsène Lupin) continues to deliver an enthralling blend of suspense, sophistication, and charisma. Omar Sy returns as Assane Diop, a modern-day embodiment of the Arsène Lupin legend, and continues to have the same charm and charisma that fans fell in love with at its introduction in 2021.  

Season 3 begins with Diop being revered as a folk hero (a Robin Hood, if you will, whom the people of France celebrate), taking the audience deeper into Assane’s world as he continues his intricate dance of deception while donning multiple disguises. Season 3 also explores more of his past, giving us further insight into the makings of this historical figure. Assane’s struggle to balance his roles as a father, a son, and a master thief adds depth to his story. The series explores how one’s past can shape their present and future, making it not just a thrilling caper but also a poignant character study.

The series does highlight Assane’s estranged wife and son, and how his antics are affecting them and their interaction with the world around them. It is heartbreaking that with as much love as they have for each other, they cannot exist in peace as a family due to Assane’s antics. 

Now, I will say there are some scenarios where he doesn’t disguise himself at all. At one point, he even convinces another character that he is a doppelganger which is ridiculous, but as a Black man, he could possibly get away with it. Diop continues his elaborate trickery to pull off heists, placing him within grasp of the police and his enemies. He is suddenly faced with another new formidable enemy who puts our hero to the test and challenges him at every turn.

Youssef Guédira as Soufiane Guerrab and Shrine Boutella as Sofia Belkacem

Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem (played by Shirine Boutella) and Youssef Guédira (played by returning Soufiane Guerrab) are hot on Assane’s trail in a game of cat and mouse. Guédira continues to use clues from famous Lupin stories in order to capture the elusive Diop, while Belkacem uses her rank to pull together all of her resources to capture him. 

There are intricate plot twists, clever cons, and unexpected alliances that make for a hell of a rollercoaster. As an invested fan myself, I know there is always some unexpected twist, secrets to be be revealed, and that Assane usually finds a way to get away, but still the series delivers unique ways of playing out these stories. The main antagonist in this series is unexpected and seems to have a personal beef with Assane. 

Lupin is not without its flaws, however. It’s still unimaginable that a person with this magnitude of fame and governmental focus has yet to be caught. One would think that the disguises (or sometimes lack thereof) would warrant someone to alert the authorities. 

Omar Sy as Assane Diop

In conclusion, Lupin Part 3 on Netflix is a successful continuation of a series that has redefined the heist genre. Omar Sy’s charismatic performance, coupled with a gripping narrative and exquisite settings, creates an enjoyable third season. Hopefully, Netflix will continue the series into a fourth, pending our hero’s survival.

Dapper Dr Feel

Felipe Patterson aka Dapper Dr. Feel, #BlackLoveConvo & Entertainment | @fdapperdr Dapper Dr. Feel is a Entertainment journalist and member of the Critics Choice Association and African American Film Association.

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