Sunday, May 26, 2024

Harvesting the Fruits of Travel

I’m harvesting the fruits of Travel. Something about this fall has felt like a season of newness for me. I’ve spent the last few weeks wanting to refresh my home, wardrobe, business, and even the way I travel. I feel as if I’m in a personal era of growth and I’m excited to lean into this new season! In the process of developing an actual plan to achieve some of these goals (and in an effort to choose an episode to submit for awards considerations; wish me luck!) I decided to go back and listen to a few of the conversations I’ve had on my podcast, Travel N Sh!t over the past few months. Here’s what stood out as good reminders for the journey.

In episode 245 (”Emily in Paris Syndrome is a Real Thing?”) I dove into how media (and my budget) colored my expectations of certain cities before visiting. In the course of that discussion, I somehow got to a point where I was reminded that I don’t have to be good at everything right away. When trying new things, I have such a difficult time getting through that phase where I’m making more mistakes than progress. I’m consistently having to remind myself that starting something over doesn’t have to be a bad thing because now I’m going at it with more information. I’ve been trying to use playing video games as a real-life practice space in doing something scared. I’m hoping that my boldness in my hobby will trickle over into my real-life creative endeavors.

Doing the thing scared was a central concept in the conversation I had with Christine Job in episode 231 (The Unlikely Pilgrim with Christine Job of Flourish in the Foreign). Christine is a beautiful reminder that the lesson is in the journey. Her story was a fantastic reminder that her completing the Camino de Santiago walk across Spain wasn’t the most interesting part; her experience along the path was.

These two episodes helped me remember that there is so much value in pushing past those frustrating beginnings and learning to lean into the journey. Travel is so much more than vacation and our accomplishments are more than the prizes we win. The stories, people, and growth experienced along the way make achieving a goal so much sweeter. For more gentle reminders like these and nuanced conversations surrounding the intersection of travel and basic life shit, tune into Travel N Sh!t every Thursday wherever you listen to podcasts.


dCarrie is figuring things out one adventure at a time, occasionally sharing with the interwebs. Follow her podcast, Travel N Sh!t, at and on social media at @travelnshit_.

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