Sunday, April 14, 2024

Exclusive Clip Episode 3 from “The Irrational”

The Irrational
“Case 110” featuring Jesse L. Martin as Alec Mercer and Maahra Hill as Marisa.

In this exclusive clip from the NBC series “The Irrational” shows a pivotal moment between Alec and Maahra. The scene unfolds as they trace the route of a van that holds critical importance to Maahra’s ongoing investigation. However, the mood shifts upon Alec’s reaction, encountering a symbol on the van. A symbol that is a key moment from his past that triggers a flood of memories and emotions. To unravel this symbol’s mysteries and connection to Alec, tune in to “The Irrational” every Monday on NBC at 10 p.m. ET.

The Irrational follows world-renowned professor of behavioral science Alec Mercer (Jesse L. Martin) as he lends his unique expertise on an array of high-stakes cases involving governments, law enforcement, and corporations. His insight and unconventional approach to understanding human behavior lead him and the team on a series of intense, unexpected journeys to solve illogical puzzles and perplexing mysteries.

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