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Earn Rewards

Earn Rewards via Points every time you shop or share! 

You MUST have an Account with Taji Mag to earn Points. To create an Account, visit

Ways to Earn Points:

  • Purchase anything from our Shop! Yep, every time you purchase Taji goodies, including recurring subscriptions, you earn points. Every 1 dollar spent equates to 1 Point. [Note: Subscription points are only applicable for Subscriptions purchased AFTER August 13, 2018] Earn Points: $1 = 1 Point | Spend Points: 100 Points = $1
  • Earn 200 Points: Write A Review! If you loved a product you received, write a 2-5 sentence review about it! Visit our Shop, go to the item you purchased.
  • Earn 50 Points: Share your Personal Taji Referral Number. Your personal Taji Referral link can be found on your My Account Home Page. Share our link on Facebook or Twitter with the caption “@TajiMagazine is all Black imagery and articles on Fitness, Vegan recipes, Finance, Education, Travel, and more! Subscribe or purchase your copies today! Only $5 quarterly or $18 annually for a digital! Print subscriptions also available! #tajimag” (####### = Your Personal Referral #). DM the screenshot of your post to us at @tajimagazine. [Note: Only applicable ONCE per week per Member]

How to Redeem Points:

  • Use points at Checkout when you purchase items from our Shop. Points can be used for everything including new subscriptions and advertising.


We love you, but we are not responsible if you do not follow directions to earn points. 🖤

Your current Points total can be found on your My Account page at [Note: Points are only applicable to purchases made via our Shop after August 13, 2018]

Points cannot be used with coupons, you have to choose one or the other. You can still earn Points when using a coupon but your points will be discounted accordingly.

There is no limit on the number of Points you can earn.

For Points earned through joins and shares, we will do our best to update your account within 24 hours. Points earned through purchases are automatically applied to your account.

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