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NayMarie Taji Mag Editor

NayMarie, Editor | @iamNayMarie
NayMarie is a multifaceted Creative. As the Founder and Editor of Taji Mag, your Black Culture publication, Nay is laser-focused on elevating Black brands, stories, and imagery. With Adorned In Taji, she handcrafts divine Adornments with ethically sourced gemstones, cowrie, and metals like copper, brass, and steel jewels that amplify your Royal. For over a decade, NayMarie has been recognized as a published professional photographer and retoucher with a specialty in Black Art. She also co-owns the non-profit, OurBlackWeb.com, a Black business directory.

Taji Mag Contributors Will Focus

Will Focus, Contributing Photographer; Art & Design Consultant | @TheOneWillFocus3
A creative visionary at heart and spontaneous developer of all things ingenious, Will Focus is a New York-born Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator who seeks out content to work with that requires him to engage content/production on a more visceral level. Using the visual to emote and connect with the individual is a top priority in his development process. Due to this nature of development, he is uniquely adept at providing clients with a broad range of skills. www.TheOneWillFocus.com

Taji Mag Contributors

Africa Jackson, Community & Culture | @AfricaJwrites
Africa Jackson is a freelance agitator living between Ireland and mid-coast. She spends her days whistling at construction workers and calling white people the “W” word. (Her best friend is white.) Follow her on Twitter at @AfricaJwrites.

Coco, Earth’s Pot’s Vegan Recipes | @earthspotllc
As a vegan chef, cooking with love for the body from the Earth is how Coco maintains life’s experience.

Taji Mag Contributors

D. Carrie, Travel | @_dcarrie
D. Carrie is figuring things out one adventure at a time, occasionally sharing with the interwebs. Find her at youtube.com/c/dCarrieTV.


Dannie Ruth, Poet | @_dannieruth
Dannie Ruth is a poet and writer from Washington, D.C. She earned her MFA from The New School and a BA from St. John’s University. Her work has been featured in Toho Journal, The Inquisitive Eater, and Queenzenglish.mp3: poetry | philosophy | performativity. Her chapbook Inside the Orb of an Oracle is the 2019 Summer Tide Pool Chapbook selection for C&R Press.

Taji Mag Contributors

Delliz Hazell, Chef | @chefdellizhazell
Delliz K. Hazell is a culinary mastermind fluent in vegan, organic, kosher, and gluten-free cuisine. Her plates and desserts are not only gorgeous to look at but pleasing to your mouth and fuel for your body. To hire Delliz for your private chef, catering, or consultation needs, or to just follow her cooking journey, visit her website www.DellizHazell.com!


Felipe Patterson aka Dapper Dr. Feel,
Lead Contributor: Entertainment, #BlackLoveConvo #DDFFridayFeature & | @fdapperdr

Felipe Patterson, aka Dapper Dr. Feel, is a freelance writer and creative. #BlackLoveConvo & Entertainment contributor. The burgeoning southern gentleman is always looking for a great film to review and an inspirational story to write. He volunteers with autism awareness projects and hopes to mentor other young Black men.

Taji Mag Contributors Janelle Naomi

Janelle Naomi, Education | @janellenaomi
Janelle Naomi is an educator, artist, and speaker who uses art and education to heal people of all ages. www.JanelleNaomi.com

Taji Mag Contributors

Jashua Sa’Ra, Spiritual Tecknowledge | @Earthiopian
Jashua Sa-Ra is a communications artist that uses hosting, writing, graphic design, wholistic healing, and workshops to contribute to a healthy functioning community. www.JASHUASARA.com

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Lauren “Lola Valentine” Jones, Community & Culture | @_what.ever.lola.wants_
Lola Valentine is a creative Jacque-of-all-trades hailing from Brooklyn, NY. As a Creative Soul, she currently expresses herself through dance, writing, and craft work. She plans to use her talents to facilitate the progression of her fellow Artists.


Lindi Tshitlho, Community & Culture | @muhlez
Lindi Tshitlho is all about community empowerment. She travels around African townships to showcase their products, stories, and businesses to mainstream sectors for recognition. She is a contributing lifestyle and fashion writer, covering stories about African culture, cuisine, and decor in and around South Africa.

M’Bwebe Ishangi, Financial Stability | @cryptowoke
Planet Brooklyn native, M’Bwebe is an infopreneur, author, teacher, and futurologist focused on the historical resuscitation of the Afrikan experience using the 10 Areas of People Activity, created by Drs. Francess Cress-Welsing and Neely Fuller, Jr., with Economics and Education as his primary focus through his teachings via the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement. The highest of his numerous missions is to create intentional and sustainable communities throughout the diaspora equipped with efficiencies and skillsets that will revive the greatest we know of our past to live again today and beyond. Check out his works at cryptowokemovement.com and daghettotymz.com

Taji Mag Contributors

Melissa Lamarre, Community & Culture | @workaholixmedia
Mel is a serial entrepreneur by nature, starting her first business at 15 years old. She started making hand beaded jewelry and styling fashion shows. From there, she combined her writing and marketing skills into a public relations consulting career for businesses and entertainers. In 2015, she founded Mel’s Butter Blends, a natural haircare and skincare collection. She now spends her time growing Mel’s Butter Blends and Workaholix Media Consulting and blogging about entrepreneurship, culture, and travel.


Sancha McBurnie, Contributing Photographer | @sanchamphoto
“My fondest memories are attached to music; but sometimes memory fails us. What I love, is being able to capture these moments to relive time & again.”

Tajh Sutton, Community & Culture | @AfrocenCHICK
Tajh Sutton is a proud mother, writer, educator, activist, entrepreneur and performance artist. Follow her on everything at @Afrocenchick and her community endeavors at @LocLoveLivesHere and @YoungPeopleOfColorInc Check out her blog at afrocenchick.wordpress.com

Taylor Barbuto, Fashion & Style intern | @loopee_designs
Taylor Barbuto is an aspiring Fashion Designer who loves everything creative. She graduated from the High School of Fashion Industries (Home of the Cheetah Girls!) and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in the Business and Technology of Fashion from the New York City College of Technology. She is currently working on building her portfolio and developing her creative skills in bookbinding, graphic design and Fashion Illustration. Her work may be found on instagram at @loopee_designs.

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Taylor Sims, Fashion & Style intern | @taylorx0__
Taylor Sims is an aspiring fashion buyer. At an early age, she realized her interest in fashion by watching television and reading magazines. She’s aspiring to receive a degree in Fashion Merchandising, to assist in her goal of working with a major fashion house.