Thank you for your interest in contributing to Taji Mag! Taji Mag is the epitome of the positive Black experience. Our brand embodies the traditional and modern royalty of Pan-African people via our quarterly digital and print publication. While reclaiming OUR narratives and imagery, Taji’s mission is to offer our readers quality advice to assist them economically, healthy options to maintain a happy lifestyle, think pieces to test the societal norms that are not meant for us, #BlackLoveConvo to increase the self and communal love in all aspects, and beauty and fashion inspiration to sustain the legacy of our Black artistry. All content must fit these criteria. All contributions must highlight a positive entity of Black culture. We are spoon-fed enough of what’s wrong, Taji focuses on what’s right! <3

Taji Mag reserves the right to accept or deny any submissions. Taji does not provide free print copies to contributors since we are currently a print-by-purchase publication. We also do not pay for submissions, any and all photoshoot expenses for submission to our magazine must be covered by the team executing the concept.

We accept submissions for both our publication (available in print and digital) as well as our web content. Please specify to which you’re submitting; if you do not, we will assume it’s for the website. For guaranteed paid submissions or advertising, please send an email to with “Advertising” as the subject and visit to submit payment!

Written Contributions 

Taji adores entrepreneurs, go-getters, guest writers, and bloggers for both our magazine and web content.

  • When submitting a business, brand, artist, etc., please include a press release or biography, photos, weblink, and social media handles.
  • If submitting to be a contributor, please include samples of your writing (as an attached document or via your website or blog) and social media handles when inquiring.

Please send all written contributions, 300-550 words, to with “Written Submission – [Title of Your Story]” as the subject, and specify whether you’re submitting for the publication or web content.

Photography Contributions

  • Vol 30’s theme is Mama Earth: Deadline Jan 25, 2022. Cover Submission Available.
  • Vol 31’s theme is TBA: Deadline Apr 15, 2022. Cover Submission Available.

Taji is the epitome of Black beauty and culture. We love beautiful, high quality, polished images. We are big on creativity but also pride ourselves on our Black Excellence. No bleached skin or contoured noses. African features are phenomenal in all natural shades and sizes. When submitting, please include the following information:

*Title [if you have one]

*Photographer’s Name [All photography submissions must be submitted with the photographer’s approval]

*List the creative team [All team members must be Black (African, African-American, Caribbean, Afro-Latino, and all other encompassing classifications). Model, Make-up, Hair, Wardrobe, Stylist, Assistant, Retoucher, etc. per photo as these credits must be included in the magazine. The photographer is responsible for having photo waivers and permission to utilize images as they please.]

*Brief 1-3 line description of the shoot concept

*Low, web resolution [72 dpi] versions of the images [If your submission is accepted, high-resolution images will be requested for the printed publication]

*Social media links [In case we need to tag you when sharing online]


*Each image within a submission should be its own image. Please do not submit 2-page spreads.

Please send all photography contributions to with “Photography Submission” as the subject and specify whether you’re submitting for the publication or web content.


Taji is currently a quarterly publication released on the 7th of every 3rd month – Mar 7th, June 7th, Sept 7th, Dec 7th.

  • All deadlines are 7 weeks(ish) before the issue release date on the 15th of that month (Jan 15th, April 15th, July 15th, Oct 15th) and all accepted pieces are due no less than 3 days later on the 18th.
  • If a submission is accepted and the final pieces are not received before the 18th deadline, that submission may not be published in the issue for which it was accepted.
  • Only accepted submissions will definitely receive a response email. Rejected submissions may or may not be replied to. Accepted submissions will be replied to within 2 weeks. Please do not be offended if your submission does not receive a response, it’s very time consuming to reply to every email. If your submission is not accepted into an issue, feel free to try to submit a different concept for the next issue!


* Taji issues are available for purchase as soon as they are released and the link will be posted on our website and Instagram page.

17 thoughts on “Contribute

  1. Thank you ! For being a beautiful contribution to black culture and giving an opposition to what the media would have us be . I am an artist and come from a beautifully talented Congolese family , I would love to contribute to your magazine as much as possible the website is a link to my work but I also left my email so we can discuss what you would like as far as family images 🙂
    Peace and love

    Ntangou Badila

  2. Well this photograph stands out to me as it was an effortless shoot with my partner. My partner and I opened a business increasing the awareness of contemporary African designs at an affordable price and this photograph was a celebration of our clutch bag collection taken at the back of of art gallery location.

  3. Is there a way to submut artwork? Such as illustration or paintings, etc. If not, that’s fine, thank you

  4. I would like to send an editorial submission for Vol 26’s theme is “Diasporic Appreciation”: Deadline Jan 15, 2021.

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