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Behind the Laughter: Exclusive interview with Chris Spencer and Faizon Love on “Back on the Strip”

Taji Mag had an exclusive interview with director/writer Chris Spencer and actor Faizon Love, who discussed the different aspects of their comedy “Back on the Strip.” The duo explored their experience of collaborating with a cast comprised of comedic veterans, as well as the esteemed actor Wesley Snipes, whose presence set a defining tone for the entire production. Among their insights, they also shared humorous stories and behind-the-scenes stories that added an extra layer of humor to the conversation.

Watch “Back on the Strip” in theaters now. 

Starring: Tiffany Haddish, Wesley Snipes, JB Smoove, Faison Love, Bill Bellamy, and Gary Owen, and Kevin Hart
Synopsis: In Back on the Strip, tough-as-nails Verna (Tiffany Haddish) sends her broken-hearted son Merlin (Spence Moore, Creed III) to Vegas, determined to help him make his dreams come true as a professional magician.  But a chance meeting at a run-down hotel with Mr. Big (Wesley Snipes) – the front man of the once notorious Black male stripper crew known as “The Chocolate Chips” (JB Smoove, Faizon Love, Bill Bellamy & Gary Owen) –  suddenly has Merlin thrust into a different kind of spotlight.  In a race against time to get his girl back and help the out-of-shape and out-of-sync “Chips” rediscover their groove, Merlin will soon find he already has all the magic tricks he needs.

Dapper Dr Feel

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