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Taji Mag is the physical embodiment of the positive Black experience. Our brand embodies the traditional and modern royalty of Pan-African people via our quarterly print and digital publication and live events. While reclaiming OUR narratives and imagery, Taji offers our readers quality advice to assist them economically, healthy options to maintain a happy lifestyle, think pieces to test the societal norms that are not meant for us, #BlackLoveConvo to increase the self and communal love in all aspects, and beauty and fashion inspiration to sustain the legacy of our Black artistry.


Taiwo Aloba Releases Chapbook, “Surulere, Lagos”

Taiwo Aloba is proud to offer her latest chapbook, Surulere, Lagos, that has hit Amazon in September 2020. In Surulere, Lagos, Taiwo Aloba offers a map to the city life of Lagos. With deep roots in her African culture, the New York-based writer guides her readers through a series of honest and reflective accounts of growing up in Lagos. Born and raised in Lagos, Taiwo Aloba believes that her poetry mirrors her perception of the world. She explores topics like identity, culture celebration, corruption, systemic violence, and religious fanaticism. 

Surulere Lagos Taiwo Aloba

“I am so proud to offer you all a feast in my new work. “Surulere, Lagos” is now available on Amazon: @amazonkindle @amazon (Ebook and Paperback). I threw all of myself into it. I  wrote, edited, and published it. It is a labor of love and creativity. Surulere, Lagos is truly a gift, and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.” – Taiwo Aloba. 


Virtual 51st Annual Af-Am Day Parade Happening This Sunday

The African American Day Parade, Inc. (AADP), one of the largest and oldest parades of Black American culture, will virtually host the 51st Annual African American Day Parade on Sunday, September 20, 2020 at 12pm. It will be hosted live across Facebook, Youtube, our website homepage, and Scratchvision. The 51st annual parade will honor individuals and organizations that have made key contributions to the African American Community through Business as this year’s parade theme is “A Tribute to Black Business”.

Sponsors of this year’s parade include Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), WBLS, TWU Local 100, Scratchvision, the National Association of Black Accountants, and Mech Multimedia Agency. “We are excited to virtually celebrate Black culture,” exclaims AADP Chairman and Board Certified Chaplain at MSKCC, Yusuf Hasan. “For over 50 years, this parade has served as a vital platform for showcasing our heritage and history from our perspective. We feel it is extremely important to continue in this legacy as it uplifts our people.”

The African American Day Parade, Inc. (AADP) will host the 51st Annual African American Day Parade Virtually
Sunday, September 20, 2020, at 12pm
Tune in via: AADP website, Scratchvision TV),
FaceBook Live, YouTube Live


BAM partners with Rambert Dance Company to present the real-time, live-stream world premiere of Wim Vandekeybus’ Draw From Within, Sep 26

Photos by Camilla Greenwell

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) partners with Rambert Dance Company to present the forthcoming real-time, live-stream world premiere performances of Wim Vandekeybus’ Draw From Within. The show will be streamed direct from Rambert’s London studios and performed across time zones for international audiences. The newly commissioned production is currently underway and is being created while adhering to the latest UK health guidelines to ensure the company’s safety. Using all of the company’s spaces from the loading bay to the studios to the corridors and even the roof, Draw From Within will be performed live in the Rambert building and streamed in real-time to ticketed audiences around the world. The new work will be broadcast to NYC audiences via Rambert’s new cross-platform web application Rambert Home Studio at 8 pm EST on September 26, 2020. Live performances are also scheduled for audiences in Seoul, South Korea on September 24 and the UK on September 25.

World-renowned Belgian choreographer and filmmaker Wim Vandekeybus has brought the prestigious UK company back to life after lockdown and transformed its state-of-the-art studios on London’s Southbank into a fantastical world. Taking viewers on a surreal and exhilarating odyssey, the experience will be an assault on the senses akin to being within the piece itself. Set to a heady and eclectic soundtrack and featuring Rambert’s awe-inspiring company of dancers, Draw From Within promises to make an impactful mark on the fast-developing digitally-driven cultural landscape.

Photos by Camilla Greenwell

To support the performing arts economy at large, Rambert is encouraging audiences around the world to support their local partnering institution or theater through their ticket purchase for Draw From Within.

Tickets are $13 and go on sale Tuesday, September 15 on

BAM Members will have access to a special pre-show discussion and Q&A with Rambert’s Artistic Director Benoit Swan Pouffer and BAM’s Charmaine Warren, included in the ticket price.

Potty Break

Potty Break Speaks to the Soul of Women Restroom Convos

SYNOPSIS: Everyone wants to know why women go to the bathroom together. Welcome to Potty Break where we show you why. This is a wild/raw/comedic journey of two aging party girls who tackle serious situations while looking for love and/or meaning in a shallow and NYC party scene. Starring Toni Thai Sterrett and Donna Augustin-Quinn.

Potty Break is a hilarious series from Toni Thai Sterrett who wore multiple hats to see it to come to fruition – writer, director, producer, songwriter, lead actress. Toni gave us some insight into Potty Break’s core.

Taji Mag (TM): What spawned the concept for Potty Break?

Toni Thai Sterrett

Toni Thai Sterrett (TTS): A few things spawned the concept. One was the idea of the bathroom being a sacred space for women. When you want to have a private cry in a professional setting, bathroom. You want to take a bath to soak a hard day away, bathroom. And for some of us who have wacky periods, we can spend a lot of time in the bathroom just sitting there, enjoying the comfort of just sitting there. LOL. Even moms sometimes use the bathroom to escape their children. But last but not least, the bathroom is where women congregate. In clubs, bars, restaurants, etc. People always want to know why we go to the bathroom together so I used this as an opportunity to show them.  

TM: There are so many important discussions addressed in the series. What are some that are most important to you?

TTS: For me, the most important discussions addressed in the series are 1. Men’s mistreatment of women. In the “To Dump A Predator” episode, I compare men who take advantage of vulnerable women to child molesters. It’s the same thing. Misusing your power over someone who is trusting and vulnerable. 2. Colorism. I know for a fact that my complexion has opened (fake) doors for me and gotten me in certain rooms. I also know that it tends to attract certain types of men and I’m not going to sit up here and gaslight Darker-skinned black women by saying the thing is not a thing. I want to air this shit out and help my chocolate sisters heal from the bullshit. 3. We talk about dating outside of your race. It’s important to me that Black women open their minds up. Yes, most of us want a Black man but we can’t cry racism then turn our noses up to a man from another culture who wants to get to know and love us. Not fetishize you, but love you. They are out there. I mean have your preference but be open to what God has for you. He just might be from Korea. IJS. 🙂

TM: Centering Black women is obviously important in the series but it appears that so was flipping stereotypes. What were your thoughts behind Kandi Kream Kane as well as Adrienne and Taylor’s characters?

Santana Caress as “Kandi Kream Kane” with Toni & Donna in Potty Break

TTS: Kandi Kream Kane is important because she is a sex worker. A porn star. So we judge and look down on pornstars but the porn industry is booming. So the same people talking shit, are secretly indulging. That’s crazy to me. I believe Pornstars serve an important function in society. It’s stress relief, acne prevention (you have to watch), educational, and probably even Rape prevention. I hate to say that but I feel it’s true. As far as Adrienne (Black) and Taylor (White), I wanted to show that there can be a sisterhood between Black and white women. Also, I wanted to show that the Black girl isn’t always the hanger-on and plus one. She was the one from money that exposed the white girl to the club culture and excess. I love those episodes. They are so fun and the ladies are amazing. 

TM: Who would you love to make a cameo on Potty Break?

TTS: Dave Chapelle for sure. I just think he’s one of the most brilliant minds we have in our culture. He’s funny, smart, honest and he challenges his audience which I love and I set out to do in my own work. He also curates an amazing, positive, kind group of people in real life around him which I think says a lot about him. I know he’d probably be smoking a cigarette in the scene, which I hate, but I’d let it slide, I’d even write that in!

TM: I loved everything about the series except the concept of you all sitting on a bare toilet in a public restroom lol, would you consider including an episode that addresses those of us with OCD and how we maneuver through these same girl chats “without touching anything”?

TTS: Thank you. and OK, so full disclosure, that was a fuck up. The first time we shot it, I was doing the squat thing my mom taught me as a little girl but let me tell you, I was so overwhelmed with all the hats I wore on set that I honestly just forgot. That’s why it’s important that you have someone covering your blind spots when you are writing and directing. In Santana’s episode, She actually lined that seat with toilet paper first but our editor cut it out for timing. Looking back, we should’ve left that in. I love that you bring that up and we need to address that in future eps because that would never happen. 

TM: I enjoyed how every episode zones in on the conversations and builds character development without ever having to leave the restroom. Would you consider expanding the Potty Break episodes to other 1 location stories?

TTS: Oh absolutely. And thank you for that. You know, the possibilities are endless and when you have limited resources and time/budget, you have to be really creative. I love that. We are working on different ways to flip it so stay tuned. 

TM: Are you planning on future seasons?

TTS: Yes, because of the current climate, we are working on new ways to tell our stories. Obviously, clubs are closed so we have to flip it and are working on that now. 

TM: What else do you have in the works?

TTS: So we actually have a theme song for Potty Break that I wrote and performed called “Queen Of The Club” so we will be promoting that soon. We are also in talks to do an entire mixtape. In addition to that, we are in talks to do a podcast to dig in deeper on the serious themes that we tackle in Potty Break

Watch Potty Break on YouTube now and get in on the conversation!

Black Dance Stories

Black Dance Stories August 2020 Lineup

Black Dance Stories

Black Dance Stories announces its August 2020 lineup featuring dancers and choreographers who use their work to raise societal issues, strengthen community through their programming, and use history as a source of inspiration. This month the story sharing and discussion series brings together yonTande and Meredith Rainey (Aug 6); Sydnie Mosley and Raja Feather Kelly (Aug 13); Zane Booker and Oluwadamilare “Dare” Ayorinde (Aug 20); and Leslie Parker and Wanjiru Kamuyu (Aug 27) in discussion. Black Dance Stories will also present the world premiere video of nora chipaumire’s new work—[another] township manifesto (Aug 27). The piece was created specifically for the digital platform in response to our current world environment where Black artists are finding innovative ways to continue to address the politics of Black bodies and connect to their audience. The series streams live via Zoom every Thursday in August at 6pm.

For full schedule and artist bios click here

The Black Dance Stories team consists of Black creatives in the arts, including Charmaine Warren, Kimani Fowlin, Nicholas Hall, Cynthia Tate, and Gabe Dekoladenu. The series is consistent with the tradition of Black artists finding a way for their voices to be heard during turbulent times. When civil, moral, and social freedoms are challenged and at times stifled, Black artists find ways to use their talents as activism. Black Dance Stories upholds, highlights, and celebrates Black creatives.

The series launched in June 2020. Previous artists include Ayodele Casel, Stefanie Batten Bland, Jamar Roberts, Tiffany Rea-Fisher, Cynthia Oliver, Marjani Forté-Saunders, Lorenzo “Rennie” Harris, J. Bouey, Kyle Marshall, and Okwui Okpokwasili. Each session will be archived on the Black Dance Stories YouTube page.

Black Dance Stories streams live on Zoom, every Thursday in August at 6pm. For more information visit @BlackDanceStories or email Sign up for updates here.

Taji Mag Vol 24 Curves & Serves

Taji Vol24: Curves & Serves

Release Sep 7 2020 | Vol24 of Taji is packed full of Black Beauty & Culture fulfilling its theme of Curves & Serves! This volume’s cover features the #SlayBells of @ruby_glam (Hair by @hairdoctor_locs, Photo by @PascalChikezie, Wardrobe and Accessories by @udiahgebi and @householdofjewellery1). Gracing the pages are the Editor’s Pick, organic holistic health detoxes, teas, and supplements from Earth’s Cabinet LLC; our Community Spotlight on Budda by Yvee body butters; our highlighted Hair Feature by Angela Plummer; “Solo Travel: The Adult Gap Year with Stephanie Perry of” by dCarrie; “Resolution: Does the Earth Need Surgery?” by Jashua Sa’Ra; “#BlackLoveConvo: Alexis Chikaeze Chats about her Character in Miss Juneteenth” by Dapper Dr. Feel; “Education in the New World Order” by Janelle Naomi; Our Vol 24 contributed photo story, “Curves & Serves;” Fitness Highlight; Vegan Fun with Earth’s Pot’s Mac & Cheese; “Black Honey Toys for All of Your Erotic Needs”; “Forq You Up is Adding Some Flavor to the Spice Game;” Featured Art Piece; Comic Appreciation with “Okemus” by T.J. Sterling; Black Business Highlights; and more!!

Purchase your copy now at ‘Shop Taji’!

Purchase Taji Mag | Vol 24

Taji Mag is the epitome of ‘Cultural Drip’ – elevating Black brands, narratives, and imagery to new levels of Black Excellence. We embody the traditional and modern royalty of Pan-African people via our quarterly digital and print publication and live events.


Celebrate Juneteenth with these Black-Owned Businesses

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Kelsey is a professional Palm, Oracle card, and Lenormand Tarot reader who has practiced spiritual consultation for 9 years in Brooklyn, NY. She is self taught through books, experience, intuition and continuous enthusiasm from satisfied clients. She has a variety of experiences with spiritual readings in face to face sessions, events and online reports.


Luxurious truffle desserts that ignite your taste buds allowing you to enjoy your dessert experience one piece at a time. They have non-dairy/vegan options, gluten-free, alcohol-infused, and edibles and they ship nationwide.


Will Focus is both Graphic/Web Designer, Illustrator (Specializing in Satabu/Mwenaa), and Systems builder with a focus in Branding/Identity and Sustainability. As the owner of Melanating, BlkAlchemy, and co-owner of OurBlackWeb, Will currently focuses on creating high impact virtual systems that create an intellectual and financial liberation for people of color.


Feed Your Skin Everyday It’s Heavenly Made Just for You! Fuel A Dream and Shop Small Business! Whipped Body Butters, Hair & Scalp Oil, Beard Oil & Scalp, Fragrance Oils, and more!


Alternative & Holistic Health Service | Master Clinical Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Phytotherapist
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Bralette Making Workshops
1 On 1 Private Classes
Hair & Makeup Services


OnPoint Academy Of Music & Movement is a non-profit performing arts school dedicated to educating its students on Hip Hop as an art form and a culture.

Queen TuT

Paige “Queen TuT” Stewart is from Queens, New York. Working as a dance teacher at various public schools, dance schools and arts centers as well as all over the Tri-state area instructing the youth in the movement & dance. Diagnosed with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of twelve she continues to move through the oncoming challenges as well as continues to inspire and evoke passion through everything she does.​What Does She Do? Dance, Dance Instructor (Specialties: Hip Hop, Step, Ballet, African, & Contemporary), Choreographer, Spoken Word Poet, Web Design, Video Editor. |


Janelle Naomi Rouse is an artist, educator, and speaker currently residing in New York City. She has over 10 years of experience as an educator and is currently speaking on the importance of decolonizing education and Black educators in the classroom.


Verse Comics USA (VCU) is a startup company based out of Detroit, MI. The focus of VCU is to develop the most diverse, compelling, and unique stories imaginable in graphic novel and comic book format. We also aim to turn these completed works into motion comics and independent films through our parent company Strait City Productions.


Frances Vicioso is an instructional coach, motivational speaker, large group facilitator, and STEM and robotics instructor.
Instagram | @newlyengineeredme & @thestemuniversity


In the wake of the online boom of events and their early on predictions, COVID-19 has ushered in a new wave of events and happenings that you can tune into straight from the comfort of your own home. Aligning with this concept, until we are fully in the clear to be in a safe space without social distancing, MLN8NG will be promoting specific events for our community. Promotion during this time is Free.To be promoted via their newsletter, simply email with a promotional image with event details and we will include it in our next newsletter. These are one time promotions so capitalize on it swiftly before time is up.Remember, it starts and ends with us. We are our own keepers. Love on one another, watch over your elders, and stay amazing!


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