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pink paradise

Pink Paradise Co. Encourages Women to be Their Best Selves

Fadrea Thomas is a 25-year-old mother of two and the owner of Pink Paradise Co., an online clothing boutique for women that wants to set trends while encouraging the protection of women. In addition to the apparel in the boutique, Pink Paradise sells self-defense keychains for women’s safety. Fadrea is also the author of an ebook, “Affirmations For Success,” which taps into spirituality and manifestation. The ebook is printable and has pages for its readers to manifest their own success. “I’m a woman of God first, mom second, and business owner third.”

Kynniah Rodriguez (KR): How did you come up with the name of your company? 

Fadrea Thomas (FT): Pink is my favorite color. Paradise means the state of consciousness. Since I’m very into manifestation and speaking life, I figured this name is perfect for my company. 

Kynniah Rodriguez (KR): How do you balance your personal life and your work life?

Fadrea Thomas (FT): I meditate and stay true to myself. I know when I’m overworking myself and I know when I need to push harder. Meditation has helped me become a better woman, mom, and business owner. I have to meditate to stay focused, especially because things can get overwhelming at times when trying to balance them all. 

Kynniah Rodriguez (KR): What are some mistakes that you learned from?

Fadrea Thomas (FT): I wish I would’ve invested into a mentor sooner. Many people feel as though in business they don’t need a mentor but, for me, it’s imperative for my business. My mentor is not only there to keep me on track, but to push me to greater lengths that I never even imagined. 

Kynniah Rodriguez (KR): What are three tips that you can give to someone who wants to start a business?

Fadrea Thomas (FT): 1. Practice self-discipline 2. Focus on your own business 3. Stay consistent 

Kynniah Rodriguez (KR): If you had a magic stick, what are three things you would change in the world?

Fadrea Thomas (FT): If I had a magic stick, I would change racism and police brutality, the idea that manifestation isn’t real, and the educational system. 

Kynniah Rodriguez (KR): What are your goals for 2020?  

Fadrea Thomas (FT): I only have one and that’s to become a better me. I know if I become a better me, change my thinking, my actions, and words, then that will ultimately change everything around me to greater heights. If I am one with myself and God, then whatever I touch is already Gold. 

Kynniah Rodriguez (KR): What’s a quote that you stand by?

Fadrea Thomas (FT): “You are only confined by the walls you build around yourself.”

Kynniah Rodriguez (KR): According to you, what is your greatest strength and what is something you need to work on?

Fadrea Thomas (FT): My greatest strength would be my ability to uplift and encourage others. I give amazing inspirational speeches. I would say I need to work on being a better listener. Being able to listen to understand instead of listening to respond.

Kynniah Rodriguez (KR): Who is your inspiration?

Fadrea Thomas (FT): Kendra Cooksey & BankRoll Freddie are my biggest inspirations. They come from the same the state and it’s inspiring to see the things one can accomplish if you put your mind to it.

Be sure to shop with Pink Paradise Co. on their Website and follow them on Instagram!


Get Waisted With PleasantlyWaisted

CEO Tiffany Henry of PleasantyWaisted

Say hello to Tiffany Henry! “My goal for the rest of 2020 is to continue To help enhance self-love and confidence. My other main goal for the rest of 2020 is to build a community of women, both single or married. A group where we can work out together, Waist Train together, and have social meetups to just vent on daily activities that happen in our lives that we don’t feel comfortable speaking about with other people. A sisterhood!” She is 30 years old and has lived in NYC her whole life. She decided to relocate to ATL a year ago and is a proud mother to a handsome young boy. She had always been a plus-size woman but was also shapely. When she started her weight loss journey ten years ago, her goal was to have a small waist. After doing her research, she came across waist training. She started shopping for one and once she got it, she loved the outcome! The only inconvenience was that it never covered her lower bottom belly, also known as the FUPA. She then ordered another until she owned at least FIVE waist trainers and still wasn’t satisfied. All she could ever ask herself was “well, what happened to the bigger girls or what happened to the girls with longer torsos? That is when she said enough is enough and started creating her own trainer known as the PleasantlyWaisted Trainer!!


The purpose of PleasantlyWaisted trainers is to teach women that no matter what size or shape, you are to always love yourself. Self-love is the best love. The trainer gives you that extra push to want to lose weight while helping you get to that small waist goal you’re looking to achieve and including healthier eating and daily activity habits. The trainers also give your back support and help you work on your posture. Henry works full time and, when she gets home, she is a full-time mom. She makes sure her son and home are situated. Once that is all taken care of, she is up all night preparing orders to be shipped out the next day. As it’s her passion, she has learned how to juggle it all.

In order to see results, you have to be dedicated. That means eating cleaner, drinking lots of water, and waist training for 6 to 8 hours every day. A lot of people have the misconception that they can just wear their waist trainer from time to time and eat whatever they want. It doesn’t work like that, the trainers are not plastic surgery and you still have to put in the work. If you follow these guidelines, she guarantees you in about two weeks to a month you will start seeing a difference.


I asked Ms. Henry if she can change one thing in our society, what will it be and she answered by saying she wants to see more woman empowerment. She will definitely like to see more women push and encourage each other rather than being in competition with one another and I definitely agree with her.

Kynniah’s Final Thoughts: Henry was so nice to send me a trainer and when I tell you I love it… I LOVE IT! My first time putting it on, it was very tight but as I kept putting it on it became less tight. I have been working on following a low carb diet and have been doing core workouts. I have to admit I do see a slight change and will be uploading some pictures soon to show you my progress. I definitely recommend all of my ladies, all ages and sizes, invest in getting a PleasantlyWaisted trainer…you will not be disappointed! Go shop for your PleasantlyWaisted trainer on their Website. Follow their page on Instagram.