Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Are You Financially Prepared For This “New Normal”?

“If you allow someone to feed you, they can also starve you.” 

Heard the saying, “feed a man a fish, feed him for a day”? Fact: it’s not really hard to fish… once you know how to. When it comes to finances, it has been purposely kept a mystery. Why?  Because this system would rather you let them feed you ‘fish’ instead of you ‘learning to fish’ on your own—and they’ve been successful at it! 

To no fault of their own, our parents told us we need a job to provide – which really means to survive. It was never suggested by them to master money, which enables you to own your time and earn your own income. In today’s world, the latter has become most apparent. With automated jobs on the rise, employment will be different, leaving many jobs we train for obsolete within the next five years. Artificial Intelligence will see to that as we embark on a new Industrial Revolution that will cause millions of unemployed citizens as a result. Since Trump took and left office, a total of 3 million jobs were lost and they’re not all because of a virus. 

Fact is, no job equals no money. Little-to-no finances lead to the inability to sustain yourself as well as compound debt. At this point, the topic of retirement can’t even be a thought, much less wealth transfer! As we witness the instability of this country, realize we don’t have to go down with it. Now, more than ever, is the time to be proactive in planning and then executing a sustainable plan that will cut your dependency on a possibly soon-to-be automated job to sustain yourself. 

There can only be but so many stimulus checks given out. Eventually, we will have to have a way to earn money to live in today’s world. None of our  “leaders” are speaking about this, nor our financial advisors—and they won’t! If we continue to wait for some miracle to “make it the way it was”, this awakening will be ruthless with no remorse.


2020 was either your best or worst financial year. Quarantine made us eat out less, travel and commute less, some got moratoriums on rent/mortgage, car insurance, and other t-bills. And let’s not mention two stimulus checks! But what did you do with it? Did you spend it on the holiday season or invest it? We cannot afford to use the same plan in this new normal. 

I invite you to join the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement where I  show you ways to live off your savings and investments without falling victim to job loss nor being taken advantage of in money markets rigged to fail.  

Join the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement 
M’Bwebe Ishangi, Founder and Author 
A Pot to Piss In: Intergenerational Wealth Planning for Black People 
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