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Taji Mag is the epitome of ‘Cultural Drip’ – elevating Black brands, narratives, and imagery to new levels of Black Excellence. We embody the traditional and modern royalty of our people via our quarterly digital and print publication, Adornments, and virtual and live events. While amplifying OUR narratives and imagery, Taji offers our readers quality advice to assist them economically, healthy plant-based recipes and fitness inspiration to maintain a happy lifestyle, think pieces to test the societal norms that are not meant for us, and beauty and fashion inspiration to sustain the legacy of our Black artistry.

Vol 1 of Taji Mag was released on December 7th, 2014 by Founder & Editor, NayMarie, and has quickly grown to be a symbol of unapologetic Blackness. Taji was launched to fill the void of positive news surrounding the Black community in mainstream media. After Mike Brown was wrongly executed and placed on display for the world to watch, the Black community rallied together. Most wanted to ‘shop Black’ but few knew where to begin. 9 days later, NayMarie started a group, the Black Owned Business Collective (later forming into the non-profit, Our Black Web with partner, Will Focus), and quickly discovered the depth of Black businesses and amazing stories that needed to be shared. Combining this with her passion as a photographer, Taji Mag was solidified on November 1st and released a month later. Conceptualized in New York, Taji has readers and a tribe across the global African diaspora.

Taji features trailblazers, Black-owned businesses, and creatives in all genres. The Taji team headlines those making a difference in the community. We offer Black-owned products to replace popularly used alternatives. Our mission is to provide the Black community with vibrant images of Black Beauty, Love, and Family, highlight the positive efforts of those in our community, and provide information on health and wealth specific to our needs. We are inspired by our readers and our community!

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