Taji Mag Contributors


Taji Contributors

NayMarie, Editor & Resident Photographer | @iamNayMarie
NayMarie is a published photographer and retoucher based in New York who captures the essence of black art, natural hair, and black family, pulling from her experience in multiple genres of photography and image editing. Her combined love for beauty and the community birthed the project Taji Mag which embodies Black Beauty & Culture and encourages us to love ourselves as we are, not as the media or anyone else suggests we should be.

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Will Focus, Art & Design Consultant | @TheOneWillFocus
A creative visionary at heart and spontaneous developer of all things ingenious, Will Focus is a New York born Graphic Designer and Illustrator who seeks out content to work with that requires him to engage content/production on a more visceral level. Using the visual to emote and connect with the individual is a top priority in his development process. Due to this nature of development, he is uniquely adept at providing clients with a broad range of skills.

Africa Jackson, Community & Culture | @AfricaJwrites
Africa Jackson is a freelance agitator living between Ireland and mid coast. She spends her days whistling at construction workers and calling white people the “W” word. (Her best friend is white.) Follow her on twitter at @AfricaJwrites.


Clint Walker, Fitness Advisor | @wadadlli7
Currently residing in the Bronx, NY, Clint works at multiple fitness facilities throughout the city, inspiring his clients towards a better lifestyle. His own fit lifestyle saved him from a life-threatening pressure on the right side of his brain, but once he was cleared for physical activity, Clint took to mentoring a group of 35 high school young men; most of whom have received athletic scholarships to college. He’s also the founder of Sigmafied, a Sigma fitness group with over 3000 members.


Felipe Patterson aka Dapper Dr. Feel, #BlackLoveConvo & Entertainment | @dapperdrfel
Dapper Dr. Feel is a burgeoning Southern gentleman looking for love in all the wrong places while applying to medical school. He volunteers with autism awareness projects and hopes to mentor other young Black men.


Inez A. Nelson, Travel | @thementourist
Inez A. Nelson is a traveler and investor with over 10 years of experience in the software industry. She is the owner of Matriarch Capital, a private mortgage investment company that allows her to share her passion for empowering professionals to take control of their financial future. She is also the Founder of Immersion Excursions, a boutique voluntourist travel company. An avid traveler, Inez is addicted to the thrill of adventures created by exploring new lands.

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Lauren “Lola Valentine” Jones, Reviews | @Cest_Lo_Vee
Lola Valentine is a creative Jacque-of-all-trades hailing from Brooklyn, NY. As a Creative Soul, she currently expresses herself through dance, writing, and craft work. She plans to use her talents to facilitate the progression of her fellow Artists.


Lindi Tshitlho, Community & Culture | @muhlez
Lindi Tshitlho is all about community empowerment. She travels around African townships to showcase their products, stories, and businesses to mainstream sectors for recognition. She is a contributing lifestyle and fashion writer, covering stories about African culture, cuisine and decor in and around South Africa.

ContributorNina |

Nina Nichelle, Entertainment & Music |  @nichellenina
Native New Yorker, Entrepreneur, Artist, Student, Activist, Philanthropist. Nina has performed in a number of on & off Broadway theatrical presentations, blockbuster films, & musical venues. She has trained with Ujamaa Theater Director Titus Walker, Cari Cole Voice Studios, Susan Gonzalez, Off Balance/On Target with Gary Austin & Carol Fox Prescott & with Dominique Plaisant. Currently recording her 1st album, jazz, blues & soul, Nina was nominated the 2014 Female “Rising Star” Jazz Artist & Best Female Jazz Vocalist of the Year. Nina is also writing her 1st children’s book entitled “Dear Lovely Shyla”, available winter 2015.


Sancha McBurnie, Contributing Photographer | @sanchamphoto
“My fondest memories are attached to music; but sometimes memory fails us. What I love, is being able to capture these moments to relive time & again.”

Tajh Sutton, Community & Culture | @AfrocenCHICK
Tajh Sutton is a proud mother, writer, educator, activist, entrepreneur and performance artist. Follow her on everything at @Afrocenchick and her community endeavors at @LocLoveLivesHere and @YoungPeopleOfColorInc Check out her blog at afrocenchick.wordpress.com

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Taylor Sims, Fashion & Style intern | @taylorx0__
Taylor Sims is an aspiring fashion buyer. At an early age, she realized her interest in fashion through watching television and reading magazines. She’s aspiring to receive a degree in Fashion Merchandising, to assist in her goal of working with a major fashion house.

ContributorUri | Contributors

Uri B., Fashion & Style | @Elan_byUri
Uri Browne started her business, Élan by Uri., in 2012 to provide styling services and personal consults to anyone looking to enhance, refine and identify their unique qualities. Since then, she has written for magazines and blogs; styled for multiple photo shoots and fashion shows; and is currently expanding her business to brand/talent development. She graduated college in 2011 and is currently pursuing a career in intellectual property law, focusing on Fashion Law.

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